Tea Party For @Adamlambert ...


The GLAMBERT man himself threw a fabulous birthday party in the Tea Room at H.wood last night. Drink specials included The AdamRITA, which is a tea infused margarita. And The TeaBERT, coconut vodka mixed with coconut chai tea, indian spices, cinnamon, simple syrup, and pineapple juice.

The glittery birthday cupcakes by Cupcake & Co. were DIVINE

I, like most vain people in Los Angeles enjoyed the photo booth. Thanks to SmileLoungePhoto.com!!!

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Adam took to the mic last night to thank all of his friends and family on how blessed he felt for a wonderful year. He then introduce a new version of his song Aftermath that he co-wrote with Ferras, Alisan Porter, Ely Rise. Adam went on to say a portion of the remixed tune would go to The Trevor Project. A charity that deals with gay teens that are having trouble with their sexual orentaion and may be having thoughts of suicide. Adam has been a vocal supporter of this charity that speaks out against gay bullying.